Edible Undies – The Perfect Aphrodisiac!

unnamedHailed as the most wicked sexual accessory, edible undies are delicious little undergarments that are exclusively geared to revive your love life. Have some naughty fun under the sheets with every flavor imaginable. Chocolate mousse, mint, strawberry soufflé, watermelon, beef jerky, licorice, candy cane, bacon and vanilla butter cream are the most popular undies to name a few.

Candypants is the premier edible underwear company that launched the very first licorice skivvies. Although the idea was initially regarded as being absolutely nuts, the creators went ahead with the prototype anyway and gave the world a whole new way to look at undergarments.

This was way back in the 1970s. Since then the demand for these miracle underwear with seemingly divine powers has grown rampantly. Something about candied unmentionables is just too alluring to resist. unnamed8

Every girl is looking to add a little spice to her wardrobe and sex life with these insanely creative pieces of clothing. The undergarments have quickly become the most highly requested novelty item of 2015. Present at every bridal shower and bachelor party, they make for the perfect gag gift.

The origins of the first ever edible underwear are perhaps quite fitting. It started with two guys throwing around ideas during a booze induced state of hysteria. Somewhere between the third reefer and the fifth joint, they came upon the concept of creating a unique line of undies. As you’ve probably guessed these weren’t just any old granny panties. No, they were lascivious edible skivvies that took the world by storm.

unnamed5Sales skyrocketed overnight and soon the creators began receiving calls from all over the world. They were asked to display their products on the six o’clock news. At one point they even pulled in a whopping $ 200,000 per month because of the exponential demand.

Since the introduction of what started out as a mere sexual parody, there have been several clothing companies that began launching their own line of edible underwear. The most scandalous amongst these companies is Yumgerie.

unnamed1Yumgerie started out as a small firm in the 1980’s and  experienced unprecedented growth over the next decade. Their succulent line of underwear is truly incomparable and even has the creators of the original Candypants raving.

Constantly innovating, Yumgerie now has over 150 different flavored undergarments for both men and women.With candied g-strings, panties, garters and thongs galore, let your inner diva come out to play.

Check out their website to subscribe and get an exclusive trial pack containing  some really cool edible surprises. http://yumgerie.wordpress.com/

Wackiest Text Breakups :

The relationship started out fun, you thought you really had a future but now it’s a noose around your neck and you really really need to breakup. Well there are always really mature and wise ways to handle this. But where is the fun in that. So here are some of the most childish and immature but hilarious break up texts of all time:

1) The one without the Soul:15

This one is my favorite of all times.






2) The one with the Xbox Bonfire:

Well, revenge is a dish best served digitally


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Love that transcends generations…

Love is not achieved overnight. Love at first sight is an extremely rare occurring phenomenon and happens to very few people, almost one in a million.So here are the loves that endures through wide spaces of time and finally reach their conclusion after a huge time gap.

Wuthering Heights:9

This story is selected as number one as it is perhaps one of the few transcends through a very long time, An entire generation in fact.

This beautiful love story published after the death of Emily Bronte with the help of her sister Charlotte Bronte is a raw, wild and passionate love story between Heathcliff and Catherine. The story beautifully depicts the cycle of life and inveritably agrees with the fact that History always repeats itself.

The events do repeat themselves as Catherine Earnshaw who married to become Mrs. Linton in turn again ends up again as  Catherine Earnshaw in the from of her daughter who also fulfills her dream of becoming a Heathcliff.The mistreatment of Heathcliff by Hindley which in turn is followed by mistreatment of Hareton his son by Heathcliff are almost poetically justified. The turn of events is so beautifully placed it lends the mind reeling. Catherine’s wild love for Heathcliff but her fickle mindedness and the need of societal approval especially in moors far far away from society bring out the lovely irony of human nature. Heathcliff’s uncontrolled need for Cathy is perhaps his only redeeming quality and the actual reason of his destruction. In the end Cathy finally realises that genteel breeding are hardly substitutes for true love and
Heathcliff realises that destroying people and things close to Cathy will not bring him closer to her in his own twisted way and finally ceases his endless revenge. The couple meet their tragic fate as death.

The only difference between the parallel love stories of Cathy and Hareton and that of Catherine and Heathcliff is that Heathcliff and Catherine are completely identical and refuse to accept each others misgivings and in fact never actually grow up.But Cathy and Hareton are exact opposites but still mature in love and learn to adore each other in spite of their differences and hence avoid the former’s tragic fate.

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Till Death do us part…

Do you feel you and your boyfriend have a shot and are the real deal, then read this compilation of World’s longest marriages for having the hope of eternity made possible for yourself too or If you feel you don’t have a chance at forever, make a decision for your relationship and don’t let your chance at happiness go wasted in this lifetime.Or even if you don’t have a guy in your life, wait for your Mr. right for the sake of  love that lasts eternity and may be you wont have to wait much longer as most of them found love just next door.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Karamchand. 

Married in the year 1925, December 11 at the tender age of 13 and 20 respectively, Katari and Karam have been going steady since 89 years. They were awarded the title of The Longest Married Couple by WWME  in the year 2014.

They were married in their hometown in Punjab and then later they moved to Bradford, UK in the year 1950.

2Their birth anniversary is celebrated every year on the same day as that was where they first met in a birthday party as teenagers on Sunday. The couple has witnessed the birth of television to today’s rapid use of smartphones.Their eldest son Paul Chand remarked that they celebrated their 100th birthday with great flair and relatives from India and others came to their home of 4 decades.

When asked what is the secret of their health , they said they eat normal food and have a great fondness for butter and yoghurt. Karam Chand still smokes a cigarette after dinner and consumes brandy and whisky 4-5 times a week.

When asked they said they don’t know how they made it this long or how long they will be together but they both are prepared for the next journey.

Grandfather  and Grandmother to 27 children and Great Grandfather and Grandmother to 29 Karam and Katari have reached the ripe age of 109 and 102 respectively.

2. Mr and Mrs. Herbert Fisher

Zelmyra and Hebert Fisher’s long and happy marriage ended in the year 2011 when Herbert passed away at the ripe age of 105 earning the couple title of The Longest Married Couple for the year 2011 for their marriage of 87 years. The couple when asked for the reason of their

3ability to make the marriage work for such a long time, Zelmyra replied that the secret of their happiness is the fact that they were always friends and she believes that trust, faith and true love are the foundation for any lasting marriage. One should not forget marriage is not a contest where one has to be win and lose and people should agree to disagree.

The couple left the world with Zelmyra dying in the year 2011 at the same age as Herbert.

43. Mr and Mrs. Steven Wrubel 

Married in the year 1929 at the age of 18 and 20 respectively, Victoria and Steven Wrubel had a lasting marriage of 83 years which ended when Steven died in 2013. They lived in the town of Parishville, Mich. They tied the knot in the year 1929, the year of the great depression.

4. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Owings

These childhood sweethearts had a rock solid marriage of 82 years which they celebrated by wearing t-shirts saying ‘together since 1931’ and cutting a cake in the shape of a baby ruth candy bar as this was the candy Harold used to give Edna everyday since 5th grade, sometimes 2 when she was mad, he remarks laughing. They dated from this time till Edna had to move but Harold always knew she was the one he will marry and when they ran into each other again, he proposed without any delay.They stay in their home at Burbank, California since getting married on thanksgiving 1931 when Edna turned 19.

63. Mr. and Mrs.Dale Rockets

This couple from Hemingford, Nebraska was felicitated the title of “ The Longest Married Couple” in the year 2015 by WWME congratulating them on 81 years of marriage. They got married on 29th December,1933, Friday after Dale proposed to Alison as soon as she turned 18. They were kindergarden mates but never noticed each other until they both grew up to be charming and good looking individuals as clear from their high school picture.Then obviously the story changed and Dale asked her out. They drove to the hill overlooking their town and held hands on their first date in which Alison picked him up. He 7proposed her by asking how much money she had?, he remembers laughing.They were asked did they benefit from the liberation and bought atleast champagne then he said we didn’t have any money for it maybe for a pon. Currently their oldest son who himself is 76 and happily married since 50 years, remarks that they stay in a facility in Kansas due to Alison’s condition.Dale doesn’t need to stay  but he does as they cannot bear to be parted also it’s
beneficial for her health. She gets better when he’s there doctors remark.


6) Mr. and Mrs. Betars

They were named America’s Oldest Married Couple in the year 2013 by WWME.They eloped on 25th November 1932 as Ann was being forced to marry a guy 20 years her senior by her father. They eloped from their minor Syrian community in Bridgeport Connecticut to Harrison New York. Ann’s aunt consoled her father by saying the marriage would never last remembers Mr. John laughing. Their love affair started when Ann was 17 and John was 20 and used to drop her in his Ford Roadster, reminisces Ann lovingly. They have been married for 81 years now and have pantry full of 14 and 16 grand and great grandchildren.


Confessions confessions..

Love confessions for the first time are magical.

I don’t exactly mean the encounters or the initiation of friendship, I mean the day you realize your love for one another, followed by hopefully one or maybe both the love confessions.

Soo here are some amazing stories that make you too, cherish the first moment of your togetherness.

P.S. for the sake of preserving anonymity I will henceforth name all my protagonists according to the number at which their confession is. Therefore it will M1 F1, M2 F2 and so forth.

 1. He stalked and she Balked and then she stalked and he stalked and they together stalked ever after.

 I think this is the closest, a new age real life romance can come today. In movies the guy usually swishes the girl off her feet or he trails her with love confessions and she hesitates and then eventually gives in. Fat chance of that happening in real life. People are not regulated by their emotions and everybody wants to have a safe secure and hassle free future. The Virar local travel is enough reason for people to give up on the concept of Gentility and Tenderness! Therefore nobody wants to take a chance on love and nobody wants to risk their future well being on possibility of true love. Even writing this line makes me raise my eyebrows.Seriously why would anybody risk their sanity and happiness on a whirlwind romance.But these two did.

Now a little background. In the protagonist’s very own words( here I am adding this, since I don’t wanna injure any feelings) F1 was a strong headed, hard core and beautiful female with a little just a little temper issues( in her very own words) , the guy as you can all predict is this simple, cool headed, smart fellow.Their story is pretty simple M1 admired, liked and eventually fell in love with F1. F1 hated, was irritated, started liking and then fell in love with M1. But she was scared, she balked away at first due to derision then due to fear. He creeped in inch by precious inch, then there was texting which included texts like:

F1:You know Taurians and Aquarius are not really the best matched, rather poorly suited actually.

M1: Let’s make this bad match, the best couple ever.( Swoon)

Then there was our most important step ‘stalking’ and finally a fall out that eventually brought them together, the fallout was something on the lines of this:

F1:( after running across the campus in a pretty DDLJ style to confess her love and caught him smoking a cigarette..grrr..) Why on earth are you smoking?

M1: hmmm

F1: Answer me

M1: hmmm

F1: Respond, I am talking, hello?

M1: What the hell do you want

F1: I want us to be together.

M1: huh? Huh? really?

F1: I guess if ur okay with it!

M1: OMG OMG she said yes she said yes!!

I know they still have lots of hurdles to cross but isn’t it the cutest story ever!

– A & O

2) The same birthday ‘coincidence’

Don’t we just love when the Diva of high school falls for those crazy artsy types that none actually notices twice.

She be so gorgeous and popular and he be so aloof, alienated but talented.

Here’s the fun part, he caught her eye, she was curious, he didnt even bat an eyelash in her direction. She was even more curious, She did what 95% of our clueless and technology addicted generation does, instead of actually approaching him she facebook stalked him.

But in this case it actually helped as she found they shared the same birth date. It was effectively used as an icebreaker. Obviously it worked.

He came out of his shell, had a makeover and fell in love. She learned to be a much more humble person and fell in love.

He proposed pretty uneventfully, the guy was initially a complete dodo, so give him a break but she did say yes and here they are 4 years later still together.:)

– H & P

3)I’m on my knees ,Only memories, Are left for me to hold.

This beautiful Kate Havnevik song pretty much sums up this particular confession. I was not able to get much out of the protagonists as they were pretty shy about it all.But the confession went something like, they both had set their cap for each other, both liked each other. M3 was shy and kinda awky and F3 was gorgeous and bold. So she did what nature had conjured them to do by instilling it in their very own behavior . She bent down on one knee and professed her love for him and he being utterly awestruck said yes with tears in his eyes. Sniff sniff.

– L & V

4) The supermarket love confession.

Who said you need a romantic setting to confess your love. It happens in supermarkets, shopping malls and some even in public restrooms. But this one is way too classy lemme warn you. His and Her’s respective parents arranged a marriage proposal. He met she,She met He, He liked she, she was baffled by he. She was confused, he was freezed. She requested a meeting, he came and then the conversation began. She fell in love, he fell in love and they were already getting married anyways. So obviously a happy ever after.

But here’s the twist, after the lovely chat he again froze. She was irritated, she said no but well, nobody listens to the bride do they?

So she did what she could and forwarded the wedding date, but after the conversation as he didn’t speak to her for two days( this author was not informed of the reason, gentle readers) he opened up again, they went along so well. She complained again about the wedding date.

But this time to have it preponed :).

– P & A

5) A rose for each day.

This story is way tooo fairy tale romance like. So if you find it too hard to believe, feel free to contact the princess R @ info@boyfriendadvice.net.

It all started in the colony, He was drizzle, calm and subdued, She was hurricane bold and a lil out of control. He fell in love instantly, I don’t think she even noticed.He pleaded, stalked, ran around wild. She finally said yes. He still gives her a rose each day to celebrate their love!

 The confession is my favourite, although. Sometime during the pleading and stalking they started working at the same place. It was one, thunderous and scary night that they were filling out forms ( what kind of job was it anyway, late night form filling?) and obviously as you can guess the light went off. She was scared , he came out as superman and at the end he proposed with a bouquet and a ring and teary eyed she said, “Yes”.

– R & S

6) Here’s a toast to all the facetimes and texts.

Long distance relationship are usually quoted for not working out in the end. Well here’s an exception.

Its more of a Band Baaja Baaraat romance than anything. They both be wedding planners, they both be meeting during an event, they both separated after the event. But something remained ; a Contact.

They chatted, they skyped, they fell in love over the phone, it seems like your average long distance relationship.

Here’s the catch, there were two proposals one was after a fall out between them due to hesitation of F6 but then it was 31st December and she just couldn’t say no.

Second was a much more formal one, him on his knees in front of all their friends and with a bouquet…yay!

– T & K.

The Hottest and Top 20 online dating sites around the world for you

These days online dating has become so popular among people of all ages. I have come across couples who meet online and get married, have kids and are really happy with their relationship from these top online dating sitesThe dating industry online has become so big that you will find thousands of dating sites on the internet. Hence, I have made a list of the top 20 dating sites online. May be you might also find you perfect match there.

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Understanding Men – 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Them


There are many preconceived notions about men and how they are supposed to behave. This makes them end up in a dilemma. How are they supposed to behave? Should they express their true feelings and come across as weak and emotional or should they maintain a false macho image just for the sake of others? Women prove to be lucky for men as they encourage them to grow and evolve and forget the stereotype that they are supposed to portray.

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First Kisses Are Always Unforgettable


My first kiss. How can I forget? Just mentioning it brings a smile to my face. We had been dating for a few weeks and still had not kissed yet. It was the first time that he was going away for a trip. I was intensely in love with him and just the thought of him going away made me want to cry. It was a cool night and I was getting emotional. I hugged him and he said that this was the last time. This made me hug him even tighter.

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10 Amazing Lessons You Can Learn From Cars About Love, Romance And Relationships

BA_3All throughout their lives men have been forced to believe that girls meant danger. And this bit of advice on love was equally agreed upon in the whole family making you more confused than ever. But there was one great relationship expert that lay forgotten. Cars! Oh yes, Cars! Cars can give you some of the best relationship advice that you had never even thought about. You can get to learn about going for high maintenance and great looks that make you lust to the good looking but practically more appropriate reality.

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