Edible Undies – The Perfect Aphrodisiac!

Hailed as the most wicked sexual accessory, edible undies are delicious little undergarments that are exclusively geared to revive your love life. Have some naughty fun under the sheets with every flavor imaginable. Chocolate mousse, mint, strawberry soufflé, watermelon, beef jerky, licorice, candy cane, bacon and vanilla butter cream are the most popular undies to […]

Wackiest Text Breakups :

The relationship started out fun, you thought you really had a future but now it’s a noose around your neck and you really really need to breakup. Well there are always really mature and wise ways to handle this. But where is the fun in that. So here are some of the most childish and […]

Love that transcends generations…

Love is not achieved overnight. Love at first sight is an extremely rare occurring phenomenon and happens to very few people, almost one in a million.So here are the loves that endures through wide spaces of time and finally reach their conclusion after a huge time gap. Wuthering Heights: This story is selected as number […]

Till Death do us part…

Do you feel you and your boyfriend have a shot and are the real deal, then read this compilation of World’s longest marriages for having the hope of eternity made possible for yourself too or If you feel you don’t have a chance at forever, make a decision for your relationship and don’t let your […]

Confessions confessions..

Love confessions for the first time are magical. I don’t exactly mean the encounters or the initiation of friendship, I mean the day you realize your love for one another, followed by hopefully one or maybe both the love confessions. Soo here are some amazing stories that make you too, cherish the first moment of […]