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December 13th, 2011 Posted 12:14 am

Relationship AdviceBoyfriend becomes the most important person in a woman’s life as the relationship gets stronger with time. But there are always relationship problems between both partners, so here at Boyfriend Advice we offer valuable tips to retain a long lasting relationship with your boyfriend. It’s a reliable portal where we take sincere efforts to ensure that you get the most needed advice, helpful in solving your misunderstandings or communication issues. Getting a boyfriend is easy, but keeping one is the toughest part.

In Boyfriend Advice we have various sections that cater to different issues involved in relationships. Either you want to understand your guy, want to take the next step in your relationship or convey him that you are ready to settle down as his life partner, there is a successful way to express every feeling of your, so that you get positive response. Let’s have an idea over some basic problems and solutions regarding boyfriends;

Common problems with Boyfriends and the solutions;

They stay aloof:

Try to understand the behavior of your boyfriend. It’s not always possible that he’ll listen to your every silly gossip, after all men are men, they can’t handle overloading information; don’t panic. Stay calm and just try to control your talkative nature, guys prefer girls who know when to say and when to put a stop. Sometimes they hide their emotions by being quite, so let them be as they wish.

The solution to this problem is surely in your hands. Give him ample time to come to terms with whatever problem he is going through. Make sure be on his side, but don’t speak till asked. When he needs your support he’ll surely turn to you, as you are the only person close to his heart. Guys don’t cry at every problem they face, they withdraw from everything and try to control themselves. So there is no point to get worried.

They hide things:

Sometimes they intentionally hide things, even if you feel that there is something important he is avoiding to discussing. Here again no need to get upset and start blaming him. Use your brain and find out after waiting for a certain time.

So you think your guy is leaving out some significant information and driving you crazy with disgust. Patience girl…it’s your best tool to make him confess what’s behind the scene. Moreover, it can be a surprise for you that he is planning secretly and see you scream with delight. May be you have forgotten one of the important dates of your life together, but he wants to make it special. Never reach to conclusions, till you find something solid that supports your claims.

Avoiding you for a longtime:

When you feel that your boyfriend is constantly avoiding you for a longtime. At the same time ignoring your every effort of communication may be phone calls, SMS, emails, chat requests and so on. Still wait for sometime without any severe reaction.

This is pretty serious and the solutions can quite be unpleasant depending upon the situation. If your boyfriend ignores you completely, either he is teasing you to make angry or got someone else to spend his time. When after your efforts to contact him, he doesn’t turn up then try to find out the reason. If you get to know that he is with someone else and then, just leave him the way he did. Don’t be upset, maybe he doesn’t deserve to be your boyfriend. Move on and find someone worthy and understanding.

Never be Bossy:

Guys don’t like to be told what is right and wrong at every time. Leave them to make their own decisions. Allow them to state their views. Love is a mutual relationship and both parties need their own space and freedom. Don’t overstep on his toes, else he’ll bolt up and leave you forever.

Patience is the Key:

Be patient when he speaks, you might not like to hear about the latest bike or gadgets on market. But he’s crazy about them and wants to show what he got himself. Show that you are interested, even if you don’t like till a certain point. But remember the limits, at some point just tell him with love that, you love him the way he is, unless he is so carried away with some alien topics that doesn’t make any sense to you.

Don’t avoid problems face it:

When you feel like a problem is rising between both of you, don’t ignore it. Take a strong step and confront him what you feel neglected or he is behaving oddly then, clear it up at the beginning. Else it can eat up your relationship. Be alert to pick signs that show some negative traits and solve them ASAP, before it’s too late.

Be at the safe side:

Before committing to a relationship, make sure that the guy is genuinely interested in you. Don’t assume anything that he hasn’t said openly. If he likes you then let him chase you, while you try to figure out what kind of a guy he is. Now-a-days there are lots of people who cheat on women for money or just for fun. Don’t be at the receiving end of such disasters, keep your eyes open and avoid the problems. Don’t pretend once you are sure the guy is perfect for you, be as you are and let him accept you for what you are.  Respect his decisions and let him respect you for your credibility. Love is a two way lane, so to receive unconditional love, you have to open up your heart and show him how much you love. Be practical and take decisions accordingly.

Our relationship experts are happy to help women to solve their boyfriend related problems on Boyfriend advice.