Here is a list of the most asked date related questions.

Getting ready on the first date can be so unnerving! You suddenly feel doubtful about your dressing skills, you need opinions from your BFFs as to what they think you should wear. And then you finally wish if only kate young were here! To avoid all this predate madness here are tips that you will keep in mind for your next date.

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Date outfits: what NOT to wear

What to wear is the unresolved question girls have in solving for decades. It may seem exaggerated to some but we all go through, ‘The first date wardrobe panic’.

Grab your pen, you might wanna take notes.


  • Uncomfortable clothes  Constantly adjusting and fidgeting with your dress is a big THUMBS DOWN!  Comfort should be an absolute priorityExtremely trendy outfits and experimenting new looks are not meant for first dates this could end up being the main reason for all the discomfort.


  • Tons of Makeup Wearing heavy makeup on the first date is a bad idea. Wear lightweight makeup and as minimal as possible. You don’t want a sudden climate change and all the makeups draining down your face!  Also, you are being as real and true to your date which he will appreciate!
  • Don’t overdo This is an absolute thumb rule. Just like you are suggested to wear minimal makeup go light on your accessories too. Huge statement earring and high heels will make him think you belong to the real housewives. keep in mind, This isn’t Vegas!  
  • Don’t reveal too much  Another advice is that you don’t show too much cleavage or leg on the first date. Like mama always said, “leave him wanting more!”
  • Do not wear flip-flops! And we have the ultimate advisor, Vogue to confirm this! Never wear flip-flops on a date. If you want something close to flip-flops to go for a simple sandal or flats which are elegant and go with your outfit!




Here are answers to the most commonly asked date outfit questions that every girl asks! Being perfectly dressed for a date can get so complicated and leave you absolutely bamboozled! Which is why you might turn to a friend for advice. Well, that is why we’re here!

Here are tips that will help you avoid the predate hassle!

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It is most definitely essential that you have fun with your partner just like you do with your friends! Make sure you enjoy with your partner and love spending time with them! Not because you have to but because he is your favourite.

Butterflies in the stomach!

Hugging and kissing your loved one is always exciting. But, are you excited when he makes sudden plans? Do you get the chills when he plans a surprise date? If you do, you are right on track!


Quarrels and arguments are a part of the relationship. How both partners resolve and accept it with the intention of making changes and compromising is what is important.

Not interested!

Finding someone attractive and being absolutely mesmerized by their charm is human! However, being attracted to such a level where you are willing to risk your relationship by doing things you know will jeopardize it is a red flag!

Want to be with them!

This is the most important sign of all! If you know you are ridiculously in love with your partner and can not imagine a day, let alone your life without them! Both partners make the greatest efforts and sacrifices to make a decision where both are happy and know for sure that this is the person they want to spend the rest of their life with!

So! Do you think this is where you are in your relationship? If not, you can be on your way there, if you use the advice that is mentioned above. And in no time you will know your partner is your actually your significant other!


“Couples that are meant-to-be are the ones that go through every problem and come out even stronger and closer than they were before.” But tackling problems isn’t a walk in the park. It requires patience, trust, and understanding, and it applies both ways. So we are here to help you in accomplishing this task with these essential suggestions on what to do to fix your relationships.

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A relationship is a partnership that has a romantic value and a partnership is having two people who are independent. But sometimes, it so happens that one of them contributes a bit more, be it anything! In a male dominating society, a man being the contributor is looked up to. But if the situation is the other way round, if the female is the one who earns and spends on the relationship, then it can lead to certain problems and arguments.


Following are the 5 most common female breadwinner relationship problems:-


Ego Conflicts– This is the most common problem in a relationship, especially when the woman is earning. The couple can tend to experience ego clashing incidents that directly affect the relationship.


Inferiority Complex– The couple reaches a point where there are fights beyond repair. The male may feel inferior to his partner since she becomes the decision maker. With responsibility, comes power!


The pressure of expenses– Most of the transactions in the relationship are done together, but when one of them is the only one who’s spending, he/she might feel pressured for the same.


Purposeful expenditure– This is most probably experienced in such relationships. The male may tend to go on wrong paths since he certainly doesn’t have any recent goals or duties to fulfil. Taking money from the partner and spending it wrongly without considering their efforts can lead to problems.


Dead end– As the woman is going through so many issues and the partner isn’t being in any way, she might question his capabilities and her future with him.


It is necessary to be in a relationship where both are equally independent and responsible at the same time. Pushing the burden on one will just strangle the relationship to its end.