Social media is on a high rise for the past few years since the boom in the technology sector. And the uprising is such that every aspect of our lives, be it professional or personal, is affected by it in a big way. It has seeped its way into politics, news, advertising, influencer marketing, but its biggest impacts are the ones it has on our personal lives. We use social media on a daily basis. Apps like Facebook and Instagram are where our lives reside. So it is obvious that, on social media, little changes create big consequences. Social media affects our relationships too, both in a positive and in a negative way.

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There are many preconceived notions about men and how they are supposed to behave. This makes them end up in a dilemma. How are they supposed to behave? Should they express their true feelings and come across as weak and emotional or should they maintain a false image to look strong just for the sake of others? Women prove to be lucky for men as they encourage them to grow and evolve and forget the stereotype that they are supposed to portray.

Given below are some of the 10 shocking things about men that you did not know.

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