Relationships, after a long-term, tend to intensify and need validation for its further journey. Some relationships survive and some just tend to end. These are signs that will help you in figuring the status and future of your relationship.



  1. Honesty– Honesty is the best policy they say. Well, that’s true! Being true and honest with your partner will create a balance of trust and comfort between you two.




  1.  Comfort– It is very important that you feel secure and comfortable around your partner and so does he/she. If you can talk and do things with utmost comfort, your relationship is very healthy.



  1. Trust– Trust is another factor that secures a relationship. Trusting each other helps to avoid unnecessary possessiveness and jealousy which in turn makes the relationship healthy and fruitful.



  1. Communication– Communication is a solid solution for almost every problem. Talk your heart out to your partner, tell him/her what bothers you and you’re good to go! On the other hand, stay open to any conversation they want to have too.



  1. Respect– Respect has to be an unconditional element in every relationship. No matter what you go through, alone/together, you both must always respect each other in every way.



  1. Compatibility– There is nothing healthier than two people being compatible with each other. Complementing each other and connecting keeps the relationship bubbly and worthy too.



  1. Common life goals- Goals/values of life when are common, can add more sense of security and comfort within the couple.



  1. Support- Supporting each other, be it financially or emotionally is a necessary part of a relationship. Having a supportive partner can create a sense of confidence within us.



  1. Understanding– Understanding each other’s emotions, needs and wants, help a relationship in turning into a long-term one. Understanding each other helps in avoiding fights and solving them at the same time.



  1. Helping each other- Be it planning expenses together or preparing a meal together, helping each other as and when one can, will keep the relationship healthy.


The start of every relationship will be sparkly and bubbly, but what helps it sustain are these aspects which hold great importance.