A fun date is what we expect. A fancy meal, a great venue and an amazing partner with whom you can share and connect with! But what if you have it all, except a partner who doesn’t connect with you, has nothing in common with you? It is tough to recognize it at first, but this list can help you do just that.

Here are 10 signs that indicate uncommon traits between you and your date:-

  1. Dislikes between you are more than likes- As you go further through the date, you may find out that you both share more dislikes in common than likes, which is a sign stating that there may be differences.
  2. No sense of connection– He/she talks to you for hours and you still don’t dive in it? You tell what you feel about something and realise that your date has lost track of your views? This indicates that the two of you do not connect as needed.
  3. Clashing of views– At a point during the date, you both may experience that the views that are shared between you two are poles apart; He/She may disagree to almost everything that pleases you.
  4. No Spark– You may experience that the spark between you both isn’t there. You don’t feel the urge to talk about the next topic as soon as one gets over.
  5. There is a lot of silence– You may experience long silent pauses since there is no common topic to talk on. You are just having your drink or having your meal and looking outside the window, feeling alone, even when you are together.
  6. Date turns boring– Suddenly you may feel like the date has turned boring. Even when you are with your date, talking, you may secretly think of the next Netflix show you wish to watch or a book to read.
  7. Life choices and values differ– If you both belong to families having different mindsets and your choices and values towards life are different, you may feel a sense of disconnection since there won’t be any topic where you both may agree on.
  8. No appreciation– You both may reach a point where there is a sense of realisation that you find nothing appreciative about each other. This is a sign that clearly states that there is no common factor between you both.
  9. Synergy is non-existent– For a date to work, the couple needs to have synchronization within their thoughts and actions and also put the same amount of efforts and energy to make it work. If that is missing, you both need to re-think about your relationship.
  10. You don’t imagine your next date– It so happens that if a date is going well, you both already start planning the next venue for your next date, or at least start imagining one from your end. If you didn’t, you need to reconsider.

Finding people you connect with nowadays has become harder and dating anyone has become easier. But to find the perfect balance between the two is what everyone deserves! Finding such signs and saving yourself from future clashes is the best thing to do.