Okay, so you have been dumped. Now it is time to get out of that ugly and dirty oversized T-shirt and sweatpants. Keep the Haagen Dazs back in the freezer. Take a bath and read our advice for getting over a hard breakup and move on.


  • Focus on the other important aspects of your life such as getting an increment at your workplace, learning how to cook awesome dishes and reading about what’s going on in the world.




  • Enjoy your life. It’s fun being single!



  • Always remember why you broke up to avoid getting back with your ex. This is the best break up advice as it is useless starting something again when you already know how it is going to end.




  • Get a makeover and get fit. Say goodbye to those fatty chips and sodas.




  • You absolutely MUST remove him from your friends list on Facebook.




  • Don’t become a stalker. Just let him go.




  • Avoid listening to relationship break up songs. Don’t be so dramatic.




  • Starting a new relationship after a break up immediately is a complete no – no. Rebound relationships never work.




  • He was not the right person for you. Everything happens for a reason. The right guy will eventually come into your life. The best advice on love is to believe in destiny.


These are some amazing advice for women who are hurting after a breakup. Don’t go for unhealthy tactics like some mentioned above. Be true to yourself and take some personal time to find out who you are as an individual.