Here are answers to the most commonly asked date outfit questions that every girl asks! Being perfectly dressed for a date can get so complicated and leave you absolutely bamboozled! Which is why you might turn to a friend for advice. Well, that is why we’re here!

Here are tips that will help you avoid the predate hassle!

  • What to wear on a first  Date?

Try sticking to ‘keeping it simple’ for the first date. A casual yet pretty lace dress is a perfect example of this. You can also pair it with a tank top worn on the inside to give a sexy look and leave him wanting more!  If you aren’t sure if you can carry a lace dress or think of it as too girlish you can also try a boho dress that is flowy and couple it up with a khaki jacket that will add a casual yet tough edge to it.

  • What can plus size girls wear on a date?

BLACK! Black makes you look thinner. This can be a great solution in case you carry a little holiday weight or if you feel conscious regarding certain parts of your body. For eg., if you’ve grown a small belly as a result of a little holiday weight you always opt for a plain Black flowy dress or a cute black top. Also if you are slightly conscious about your lower body opting for black jeans paired with your winning heels is always sexy. You can also pair it with a pair of cute sneakers in case its a day-out kinda date.

Now, if you already bought a dress that isn’t black for the date you can pair it with a black leather jacket and a pair of your best heels. This look is best for those with a pear-shaped body type. Similarly, ladies with an apple-shaped body type can opt for empire line short dresses with a rocking pair of heels. You can also pair it with denim dark coloured denim jackets. For a late night, dinner dates opt for maxi dresses that are flowy. However, Always top it with something BLACK!  If you want to wear a dress lookout for something that matches your body type. For eg., a peplum dress with a leather jacket is just meant for pear-shaped women! Similarly, apple shaped ladies will rock an empire line dress!

  • What to wear on a movie date?

Movie dates are considered casual dates and hence isn’t the perfect occasion for showcasing your dressing skills. It is best to wear outfits that compliment and enhance your body shape. A sleeveless polo neck paired with casual flannel pants is a classic example. Try something flirty and simple yet trendy. Deciding to wear a dress is also a good option. Try a pretty cotton dress with a floral print. You can also couple it with a scarf as it gets pretty cold in the theatre.  

  • What to wear on a date over drinks?

Deciding what to wear over drinks can be a little confusing especially when you have no clue where your partner has planned the date. You want to avoid situations where you are overly dressed for drinks at a local bar. Similarly, you don’t want to be underdressed at a popular and fancy club.   

So what do you do at these times?

Something cute and shorter than usual is what must be kept in mind. A nude dress with a pair of a beautiful dress is great. You can also pair it with a blazer to increase the chic factor. Nudes paired with tans is a stylish choice. Also, try pairing a simple tee with a shimmery and trendy skirt. This unusual combo pairs in such a way that they complement each other beautifully. You can pair this attire with a pair of high heels or trendy sneakers.

Now, to wrap it up,

  • What to wear on a date when you’re in the 30 ’s?

The answer to this extremely simple. The age factor is not essential to consider what you must wear. What matters is your body type. Walk with the changing trend keeping your body shape in mind. Flaunt your curves and body parts that you are proud of by wearing something that enhances it. Do not try keeping up with the trend keeping your body type and its discomfort at stake. You can wear anything and everything mentioned above just make sure you are comfortable and can carry your outfit with grace.