Jealousy is a fear that one goes through for their partner and is mixed with worry and anger. Jealousy is keenly observed in relationships nowadays, in this age of social media and high sense of free interaction. To act on jealousy before it goes out of hands, here is a list of causes of the same:-


  • Sense of fear.This is observed in most of the relationships when one of the partner has a fear of losing the other. The person tends to either put restrictions on the other or keep doubting. This sense if handled effectively, can stay under control, if not, can lead to fights and affect mental peace.
  • Insecurity. It so happens that a person is insecure about either themselves or their partner. Lack of confidence may lead to insecurity as he/she might fear that their partner may choose a better person, which in turn leads to jealousy.
  • Self-doubt. Self-doubt, be it about looks or personality is a grave problem. One may experience self evaluation as to how good/bad they are for their partner.
  • Constant Comparison. Self-doubt in addition turns to constant comparison. This is mostly done regarding friends. A person may compare him/her self with their partners’ friends and evaluate who’s better.
  • Trust issues. This is experienced often. People have trust issues and directly target it towards their partner. Some people tend to do this due to their past experiences.
  • Possessiveness. Possessiveness that is healthy can be accepted since it shows love. But too much of anything can easily turn harmful as days pass by. A person tends to get possessive since they don’t want to share their partner with anyone else.
  • Lack of communication. If there is less communication between the couple, one of them may tend to question their partner’s interest, which leads to insecurity and jealousy.

Further are common consequences of jealousy:-

  • May lose the person.Constant jealousy can lead to breakup and end the relationship. People tend to stay patient but need to let go once it turns harmful.
  • Frustration. The couple together may experience constant fights between them, due to jealousy and may affect the relationship’s peace.
  • Negative Thoughts. Either of them may question the relationship and start having negative thoughts about the same.
  • Depression. This may lead to depression for both the ends since none of them are peaceful or happy.

Here are ways to avoid jealousy and save the relationship:-

  • Sense of Trust. Maintain a positive point of view and trust your partner unconditionally.
  • Focus on all good things about your relationship. Look at the good side of your relationship. Think of all the good things you both have experienced and how much love and respect you both hold for each other.
  • Talk to your friends and know their opinion. If you are scared to confront your partner, talk to your friends and know their opinion. Give your jealousy a second point of view and you will surely realise how baseless your thoughts were.
  • Sense of security. Try staying calm and secure with the love of your partner and believe in the love you have for them.
  • Communicate. If you are confident enough to talk it out to your partner, he/she will surely understand you and solve this problem with you!
  • Believe in the reality. Stop picturing your partner with someone else and remind yourself what the reality is and how much does your partner love you and is loyal to you.
  • Meditate. Meditation is a great solution to all problems that involve emotions and feelings. Meditating helps in decreasing negative thoughts and shifts focus towards a peaceful state of mind.

Any problem, big or small can be cured if detected and acted upon early. Jealousy tries to bring you down and make you question every detail of your relationship. Trust and believe in your partner, remind yourself that they chose you because you are worth their love!