In every relationship, there comes a time when validation is needed that decides the future of the two. It so happens that one of them tends to disagree at the point of settling down. Here is what you should do then:-


Talk to him– Talk to your partner and know what is it that is bothering/stopping him from settling down. It may be a petty issue and can get resolved by communicating. Talking to him will help him in opening up to you and you will be able to look at the problem from his point of view.


Importance of commitment– Commitment is a verbal bond that is made in a relationship that takes it forward. Let him know how important a commitment is in a relationship and how gradually you will both grow together as you’ll settle down. Make him realize that you both are ready for a future together and make him see that too. But do not force him, it has to be willingly done by him or it may lead to more problems in the future.


Be considerate– Be it any problem or any thought that is crossing your partner’s mind, be considerate towards him. Understand what he’s trying to say and why he is saying it. Only understanding will get you out of this problem. If you judge him before letting him open up to you, you may worsen the problem/lose him.


Give time and space– After approaching him through the above aspects, give him some time to think over what you’ve suggested. Give him his space and let him realize these things on his own. Don’t keep nagging him and force him to make his decisions.


Accept the reality– Finally, if talking, understanding, giving him his time and space doesn’t lead you to your desired outcome, you have to move on. You will know that you can no longer stay with a man who is unwilling to take the relationship forward when you wish to take it ahead.


Having a partner who wants the same things as you is a crucial element for a successful relationship and knowing what you both want will only happen when you communicate with each other from time to time.