Here is a list of the most asked date related questions.

Getting ready on the first date can be so unnerving! You suddenly feel doubtful about your dressing skills, you need opinions from your BFFs as to what they think you should wear. And then you finally wish if only kate young were here! To avoid all this predate madness here are tips that you will keep in mind for your next date.

  • What to wear on a first  Date

For a hassle-free first date outfit, wearing a casual lace dress over a tank top gives a sexy yet simple look which is easy and will make him long for more!

If you think this dress is coming off as too girly but you are a girl that wears a skirt but also doesn’t mind going down and dirty! Try a flowy boho dress and pair it up with khaki jackets that will give your dress a tough take charge edge to it.

  • What can plus size girls wear on a date?

Black coloured clothes are a must for curvy girls. From jackets to jeans to tees just make sure you throw on something black for this special day. If you are going on a casual date try your comfortable pair of jeans and if it is black, you can’t go back! The secret to this is black makes you look thinner. Simple! For an extra wow factor put on a blazer or a jacket. If you opt for a leather jacket wear your winning heels and done! There! You’ve created a look where you just can’t go wrong!

If you want to wear a dress lookout for something that matches your body type. For eg., a Peplum dress with a leather jacket is just meant for pear-shaped women! Similarly, apple shaped ladies will rock an empire line dress! Make sure to go wild on your footwear and knock it out of the park! Don’t let yourselves play safe all the time and stick to just these. Feel free to put on denim jackets, maxi dresses and keep moving with the trend but make sure you top it off with something black! You won’t regret!

  • What to wear on a movie date?

Movie theatres are not a place for sexy and dress to impress kinda outfits. These dates are best to be casual and more comfortable. Casual but not OVER CASUAL! Wear outfits that compliment your figure. Something that is flirty yet simple, something that shows you just threw this on and it turned out to be surprisingly trendy!  Avoid skinny and really tight denim jeans, also avoid rips, instead go for parallel pants or anything that is slightly loose from the bottom. If you decide to wear a dress, choose a simple and casual one like a cotton wrap dress which whispers ‘simple’ along with stunning. you can throw on a jacket or a sweater for a more comfy vibe.

  • What to wear on a date over drinks?

Dates over drinks can be slightly tricky. If you plan to go for this date directly after work throw on a cute little outfit which is simple and shorter than usual. Pair it with a blazer and your gorgeous heels.

If your date is later in the evening you can opt for a nice nude dress and pair it with tan heels! This will just make him weak in the knees!

Also if you aren’t sure where your date or the dude is taking you for drinks, if it is casual drinks from a bar around the corner then you don’t want to be overdressed and if it a hot spot then you certainly don’t want to be underdressed!                

And so this look has proved to be a God sent!

Pair a fun trendy skirt with a simple tee. This unexpected combo will add a touch of twist and screams both elegance and sophistication.

For eg., pair a metallic skirt with a basic tee you can tuck it in for a more chic look complete this look with a good pair of shoes and you’re good to go!  

last but not the least,

  • What to wear on a date when you’re in the 30 ’s?              

The answer is simple. Just take inspiration from the above pointers.

One very important factor is that you wear clothes that match your body type. It is not the age that matters, it is the dress! Make sure you aren’t screaming ‘young’ with your sense of clothes.  

Wear anything that flaunts your curves and maintains sophistication. Aging gracefully should be your motto and make sure your clothes are putting that into action. Women in their mid 30’s can rock a dress or a leather jacket just like a younger woman would. So there, the secret is out! There are no exceptions and limits as to what a 30-year-old can wear!