There are many preconceived notions about men and how they are supposed to behave. This makes them end up in a dilemma. How are they supposed to behave? Should they express their true feelings and come across as weak and emotional or should they maintain a false image to look strong just for the sake of others? Women prove to be lucky for men as they encourage them to grow and evolve and forget the stereotype that they are supposed to portray.

Given below are some of the 10 shocking things about men that you did not know.

  • Men Are More Sentimental Than Women

This may be a shock to you. Tradition does not allow men to show their emotions regularly. They have to appear masculine which is why they conceal a deep sensitive side within themselves. Women play a great part in this as they try to convince men to open up and say what they feel. Just chat about your problems. This is what makes a man masculine, happy and healthy.


  • Sex Is Secondary

When it comes to love, romance and sex, men give more importance to love. A real relationship is their secret desire. There is no doubt that sex is important to them but it is secondary. Through sex men usually garner evidence on whether your bond is genuine and something that he has been fantasizing about for ages.


  • Men Are Not Defined By Their Jobs

It is popularly known that men are what they do. But that is completely false. What a man does and what he is are two completely different things and you cannot define a man according to this profession. If you want to know more about a man, try finding out about his likes and dislikes. This will give you a better insight into the kind of man he actually is.

  • Men Are Not Restricted Individuals

A lot of people seem to believe that men are not well developed and that their abilities are restricted. Women tend to believe these false stories as it makes them superior. However, this is certainly not the case. Men are highly capable individuals and they can love you, make you laugh, show curiosity and be a devoted partner to you as well. If you want a healthy relationship, don’t underestimate them.


  • Men Do Not Have Relationship Commitment Phobia

Due to the inability for men to be able to express themselves openly, they are deemed to be commitment phobic. Men may make a joke to get out of an awkward situation or may close down during an emotional moment. But this does not mean that they do not want to commit. They secretly desire loyal partners and once they realize that they can count on you, they will begin showing their feelings in unconventional ways.


  • Men Love To Talk

Who said that men do not communicate? They absolutely love to talk. Try discussing about something that they like such as cars, directions and women and they will not be able to shut up. This fact really disregards the old myth that men have communication problems. Leave your judgments aside as this encourages men to open up and reveal their innermost secrets. This will in turn improve your love and intimate relationships.


  • A Woman’s Appearance Is Not The Most Important Thing

Yes, men love women who look beautiful and they want someone who they can show off. But looks are not everything for single guys. It is just to titillate them visually. What matters the most is how a woman’s nature is and how she makes them feel. Men love women who are smart, have a good sense of humor and are good human beings.


  • Men Take Things On A Personal Level

Contrary to the popular myth, men tend to take things on a personal level. Whether it is just a comment about their stomach being bloated, or a rude colleague at work, or if they have not been able to perform satisfactorily, everything affects them. A recent survey states that men are more prone than women in committing suicide. So the next time you see your man trying to hide his feelings due to male ego, stop him and ask him to blurt out his feelings. This may save his life.


  • Men Listen When You Criticize Them

Men usually hate criticism. They hate being told that they are doing something wrong. Women usually try to give hints regarding their issue. But the best way to tackle a man is through speaking directly. Even if you think that your guy may get hurt, try showing some tough love because it will mean that you genuinely care about him. When a man wants a relationship to work, he might even consider listening to your criticism.


It does not matter that boys like to play with cars and horse and that girls prefer Barbies and dressing up. What matters is what kind of person you are growing to be. Never let a man get away with hurting your feelings just because you think that it is how men behave and think. In the end we have to be good people and live genuinely and happily which is why we should always adhere to the do’s and don’ts of a relationship.