“Couples that are meant-to-be are the ones that go through every problem and come out even stronger and closer than they were before.” But tackling problems isn’t a walk in the park. It requires patience, trust, and understanding, and it applies both ways. So we are here to help you in accomplishing this task with these essential suggestions on what to do to fix your relationships.

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A relationship is a partnership that has a romantic value and a partnership is having two people who are independent. But sometimes, it so happens that one of them contributes a bit more, be it anything! In a male dominating society, a man being the contributor is looked up to. But if the situation is the other way round, if the female is the one who earns and spends on the relationship, then it can lead to certain problems and arguments.


Following are the 5 most common female breadwinner relationship problems:-


Ego Conflicts– This is the most common problem in a relationship, especially when the woman is earning. The couple can tend to experience ego clashing incidents that directly affect the relationship.


Inferiority Complex– The couple reaches a point where there are fights beyond repair. The male may feel inferior to his partner since she becomes the decision maker. With responsibility, comes power!


The pressure of expenses– Most of the transactions in the relationship are done together, but when one of them is the only one who’s spending, he/she might feel pressured for the same.


Purposeful expenditure– This is most probably experienced in such relationships. The male may tend to go on wrong paths since he certainly doesn’t have any recent goals or duties to fulfil. Taking money from the partner and spending it wrongly without considering their efforts can lead to problems.


Dead end– As the woman is going through so many issues and the partner isn’t being in any way, she might question his capabilities and her future with him.


It is necessary to be in a relationship where both are equally independent and responsible at the same time. Pushing the burden on one will just strangle the relationship to its end.



There are many preconceived notions about men and how they are supposed to behave. This makes them end up in a dilemma. How are they supposed to behave? Should they express their true feelings and come across as weak and emotional or should they maintain a false image to look strong just for the sake of others? Women prove to be lucky for men as they encourage them to grow and evolve and forget the stereotype that they are supposed to portray.

Given below are some of the 10 shocking things about men that you did not know.

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