Fights are a healthy part of a relationship till a point where they are harmless. Ugly fights that do not get solved with proper solutions tend to create difficult situations in a relationship. To avoid that, here are 10 ways to stop fights and not let them affect the relationship anymore:-



  • Look at the incident from another point of view– Be it something that bothered you or something that bothers your partner, try to look at the problem from another point of view, there is definitely a solution there!



  • Change some habits for the love of your partner– You know you love your partner, right? So if he/she wants you to change a small habit of yours that annoys him/her, then change it. Small sacrifices are a part of every relationship.


  • Communicate immediately– Communication is the key to every healthy relationship. If there is something that is bothering you, let your partner know immediately. Don’t keep it outstanding. The longer you take, the more difficult it will get.


  • Have a clear mindset– After you have had an argument, clear your head and let it go! Don’t let it take the space in your head.


  • Look at the big picture– Sure there will be thousands of reasons for getting angry on your partner, what matters is how much you value it. Nothing greater than love, right?


  • Be considerate– Consider your partner’s reasons for being angry, insecure, jealous etc. You have decided to love them no matter what. So don’t prove them immature or unreasonable, know why they felt that way, hold on to them and solve the issue together.


  • Admit your mistakes– There is no greater pleasure than seeing yourself happy with the person you love. Admit where you have gone wrong without any ego and your problems will be resolved faster.



  • Solve the issue together– Remember that you both are partners and no matter what, you both have got to stick to each other and deal with whatever comes your way.


  • Don’t dig into the past– Your partner may have had affairs in the past, but there isn’t any reason to dig them up and argue over it again. Realize that there is a reason why that ended and cherish the fact that they are now with you!


  • Make a firm decision– Decide that the issue has been resolved and it need not come up again in the future. Such firm decisions help in drawing lines while having arguments.


Solving problems together helps you in knowing your partner well and makes you aware of the do’s/don’ts needed in the relationship.