It is most definitely essential that you have fun with your partner just like you do with your friends! Make sure you enjoy with your partner and love spending time with them! Not because you have to but because he is your favourite.

Butterflies in the stomach!

Hugging and kissing your loved one is always exciting. But, are you excited when he makes sudden plans? Do you get the chills when he plans a surprise date? If you do, you are right on track!


Quarrels and arguments are a part of the relationship. How both partners resolve and accept it with the intention of making changes and compromising is what is important.

Not interested!

Finding someone attractive and being absolutely mesmerized by their charm is human! However, being attracted to such a level where you are willing to risk your relationship by doing things you know will jeopardize it is a red flag!

Want to be with them!

This is the most important sign of all! If you know you are ridiculously in love with your partner and can not imagine a day, let alone your life without them! Both partners make the greatest efforts and sacrifices to make a decision where both are happy and know for sure that this is the person they want to spend the rest of their life with!

So! Do you think this is where you are in your relationship? If not, you can be on your way there, if you use the advice that is mentioned above. And in no time you will know your partner is your actually your significant other!